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Membership shall be open to all males who subscribe to the purposes and polices of Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity Inc. and express a desire to become a part of a service based organization whose goals are to provide financial and manpower services to improve the communities.



Graduate Kabila (Chapter) Membership

Any male seeking to join Graduate Kabila must be a college graduate or has shown outstanding community services involvement and prescribes to the policies of Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity Inc. For inquiry mail a letter of intent to National Chapter office; 3106 13th avenue north, Birmingham, AL. 35234. You can also send email to FRDFREEZE@GMAIL.COM.

National Kabila (Chapter)

All members of Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity in good standings will automatically become a member of the National Kabila


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