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The Beginning of Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity Incorporated

The original concept of Nasiha Roho Adinasi was conceived in Northern Alabama at Alabama A&M University. The concept of this organization was initiated by a group of students whose home was Birmingham, Alabama. The contribution these students made toward creating this organization will be discussed in this history.

The City of Birmingham, Alabama a black community at one time was known for its community and high school rivalries. Violence was a common place occurrence. Although being from different communities and high schools in Birmingham. Alabama, the incoming 1965 freshmen class of Alabama A & M University soon realized they had a lot in common.

Realizing their common interests, attitudes, and being from Birmingham, Alabama, caused the creation of a special bond that was unique within the student body of Alabama A & M University. The special bond created by these students was founded on the basis of love, fellowship and sharing. These students did not realize that these three attributes of friendship was a beginning of a brotherhood chain that would evolve into a Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity Inc.

Since these students were all freshmen there residence was Alabama A & M University's Walker Wood Hall. This dormitory served as home away from home and a social gathering place. The relationships developed among this group of students was admired by the entire student body .Each person had genuine concern not only for the social aspect of the group but the general welfare and their ultimate goal of becoming a graduate of Alabama A & M University. To accomplish this goal all resources were shared.

The general standards this group of students set for them overflowed into the student body. Confidence appearance and devotion to each other was a common attribute of each individual. Being of African American decent during a time when our country was in the mist of social and civil unrest due to the Civil Rights Issue and the Vietnam War conflict, and devotion to a cause was very important. This group of students also had a natural ability to bring joy to all and dismay to some.

The incoming 1966 freshmen class brought about a significant change to the structure of this group. Other students were accepted into this group especially students from metropolitan cities such as Mobile Alabama, Huntsville Alabama, Atlanta Georgia and Washington D.C.

Although new students were accepted, the original concept of the group did not change. It was natural that this group of male students would have effect on the female student population. Since the original concept of this group was to be as socially popular as possible, attracting as many female students as possible was their main objective. It soon became evident that this group of students had a special talent when it came to attracting the female students. In fact they became so popular that these students decided to rename

themselves The National Rustlers Association. This name derived from the American West. A Rustler is defined as one who rounds up or collects. This was the first time the letters "NRA" was used to describe this group of students.

In 1968 the first initiation requirements were established. All new students who expressed interest in becoming a part of this group was required to pledge for two weeks. The pledge activities included acknowledging any big brother in their presence, attract female students and drink a special portion at the end of the pledging period. The first pledge line was called the "Dudes".

During period from 1966 to 1970 the National Rustler Association group numbers was greatly affected by the Vietnam War. Also awareness of the black student past African Heritage and American Heritage began to have a positive impact on how Blacks as a whole viewed themselves. This awareness would become the most important addition or change to the original concept of this group. A totally new direction was taken by this group of students. Their goal would now be to emphasize their heritage and creating self esteem among the black race.


To ensure lasting stability, these students took the next steps to becoming a part of the Alabama A & M University student fraternal body. A third name change was required. The new name would be Nu Rho Alpha. During the conception of this organization (1965 -1969) all fraternal organizations were Greek related. This particular name only existed for a short period of time. Being a black heritage organization based on our past African culture, this name became unsuitable.



The first official steps were taken in 1970 to be officially be recognized a functioning student origination on the campus of Alabama A & M University. A fraternal organization recognized by the University would give Nu Rho Alpha the opportunity to implement some of its ideas concerning Black Heritage and Pride.



In February 1970, a name was accepted by the membership of what is now Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity Inc. This name was presented to the membership body by Brothers John Smith, Steve Osborne, William Keye, Anthony McCray and Gregory Watkins. Also during this month, Brothers Freddie R. Watkins, Gregory Watkins, John Smith and Wilber Brooks as a committee began to assemble a constitution and the appropriate documents to present to Alabama A & M University for the purpose of being recognized as full functioning organization. After approval by the membership of Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity Inc., all documents were submitted to Alabama A & M University for review and approval. On February 25, 1970, Alabama A & M University was granted a charter. Nasiha Roho Adinasi became the first African Fraternity at Alabama A & M University. Credit must also be given to sweethearts Betty Davis and Jacqueline Anderson for assisting in designing Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity Inc. official shield.

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