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Making a Difference With Birmingham's Brotherhood Fraternity

Welcome to Nasiha Roho Adinasi Fraternity, Inc., proudly rooted in the vibrant city of Birmingham, Alabama. Our fraternity was founded on February 25, 1970, on the esteemed campus of Alabama A&M University in Normal, Alabama. It all began with a group of students who shared common interests, attitudes, and ...

Committed to Building Sustainable Futures and Growth

We are deeply committed to offering a diverse range of services and programs aimed at uplifting and supporting our community. Our primary focus is on academic mentorship, where we provide guidance and resources to young students to help them excel in their studies and develop critical thinking skills. We believe ...

Our Vision & Mission

Fraternity’s Mission Statement

To Build Character, Self-Pride and Self Esteem in Young Men Through Mentoring and Community Enrichment Programs.

The main objective of Nasiha Roho Adinasi is to provide service within the community and beyond. We also support other programs for the social and educational development of youth, the elderly, and the less fortunate.

Nasiha Roho Adinasi is a brotherhood that is looking to continue to define itself as a lifelong brotherhood, committed to being servant leaders to those in need. Individually, our members are a part of many other boards and community organizations, however, the goal of our organization is to support and serve together as brothers.

Fellowship and fun: Members don’t just engage in community service—we have fun. Members make new friends by being part of an organization where they also attend and participate in social events. Some events, such as our annual …. dance are hosted by our brotherhood. A portion of the proceeds from these events also go directly to support out community outreach efforts. However, we also are ardent supporters and regular attendees to social events held by other civic and community oriented organizations. The Fraternity also provides excellent networking opportunities for professionals.

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